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Farm and Ranch Co.
Farm Management Introduction

A profitable farming operation requires knowledge of production practices, marketing, agricultural finance and accounting; not to mention new technology regarding equipment, seed, fertilizer, herbicide and the best soil type for your farm.

As you are aware, owning farmland is a big responsibility, but you're certainly not alone. Almost 45% of all U.S. farms and ranches are owned by people whose chief occupation is not farming. There is a lot to know about farming, especially today. Farming is a risky business - it is complicated and rapidly changing.
 Another important issue that has invaded the farm scene in the past ten years is environmental concerns. It is critical to the owner of farmland to know that no one uses or allows to be used any chemicals which may cause any present or future contamination. Chemical restrictions must be adhered to and sometimes what is in the owner's best interest may be overlooked by an unsupervised tenant.
You can enjoy the security of farm ownership, yet not have to deal with the worrisome problems that can be associated with the day-to-day operations on the farm.

As your farm manager, you and your farmland are given our personal attention. This kind of service is what our present landowners appreciate and expect. It has helped to make Mid-America Land Company, Inc. the preferred choice in farm management.

This is an invaluable service that we can provide for you. A service that will make your ownership of farmland less worrisome and more enjoyable. We will manage your property according to your wishes and according to the methods that will generate the greatest return.


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