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Farm and Ranch Co.
Reason For Considering
Professional Farm Management

1. The Owner is a non-resident.

2. Lacks technical knowledge about agriculture.

3. Is hopeful of increased return on investment under another     person's supervision.

4. Is unable to work with the tenant operators.

5. Wants to be relieved of complications and responsibility of the     farm's operation.

6. Is of an age or physical condition that makes self-management     impractical.

7. Is part of an estate, trust, or institution that may require     professional management for its property.

Any person managing property for others should possess a number of personal characteristics necessary to do the quality of work required. Honesty, sincerity, and knowledge of agriculture are several attributes among many; above all, it must be apparent the manager is working in the interest of the client.

Persons or entities that own farm real estate but who do not wish to supervise it may need or desire the services of a professional farm manager.

How do farm owners (currently using the services of a farm management firm) rate them? According to a recent survey of farm owners with professional farm management, 95 percent of the respondents stated that their farm manager had lived up to their expectations. Plus, 82 percent said their farm manager had significantly improved their farms' profitability.


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