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Farm and Ranch Co.
Responsibilities and Authority  

The large amounts of capital involved and the necessity for businesslike procedures in managing a farm make it imperative that there be a clear understanding between client and farm manager regarding each persons responsibilities. This understanding covers the responsibility the manager has for various components of management.

The manager has full responsibility and authority in many contract arrangements. The manager is responsible for inspections to gather information, and periodic reports to provide information to the client. The client must be kept fully informed through these reports and letters. The owner may stipulate the frequency of reports from the manager. Usually the manager collects the income, pays the bills, and delivers the surplus funds to the owner. Under no circumstances should a client's funds be intermingled with the manager's personal or other business accounts. Co-mingling this money is a most flagrant breach of business ethics and is not tolerated by the profession. Managers may use a separate checking account for each client.

Marketing:  Marketing crops is often considered a part of the expected services in a management contract. Because of the required expertise and necessary time devoted to it, marketing has become an important aspect of professional management.

Fees:  No attempt is made here to determine the fee structure used by the Farm and Ranch Co. management team. Fees may vary and may be dependent upon: type of farm (crop share, livestock, or both), the size or volume of business, amount of supervision required, and if the farm is direct or custom operated. Fees may be based upon a percentage of the owner's share of income, flat annual charge, or time spent in the management of the farm. After analyzing your farm operation, we will be able to tell you how we can improve the return that you are receiving and the professional fee for our services.

At your convenience and with no financial obligation on your part, we will provide for you a confidential market analysis of your present farming operation. This analysis will provide you with information that will help you make management decisions that are in your best interest; decisions that will put more income in your pocket. Rental income has increased dramatically on farmland in the past few years. We are constantly seeing change. You are entitled to the benefits of change and increased farm earnings. We will get you these benefits.


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